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Town of Brione in Vezsasca

Take a complete tour of the town of Brione.

Go full screen and enjoy stunning views of the town; from the square with playground and view of the church and castle, all the way around the town.


The village is situated along an attractive plain where the Val d’Osola meets the Val Verzasca, and includes the hamlets of Alnasca, Motta, Ganne and Piée. The Castle of the Marcacci, is worthy of mention; it is the historic summer residence of this aristocratic family from Locarno. Also worthy of mention is the parish church dedicated to St. Mary’s Assumption, with its renowned frescoes of the valley. It is a Gothic church built in 1350, attributed to Giovanni Baronzio of the Rimini School of Giotto. This church also once harboured a stunning carved-wood altar, which has since been acquired by Basel’s museum.
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